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Apple Sugar Scrub - Vegan

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Renew your skin with these Vegan Sugar Scrubs and start your day with a fantastic scent! Our sugar scrubs come in a variety of scents to please any nose.  Sugar has natural humectant properties which aid in hydrating the skin.  Sugar's small particles and texture is a healthy, natural way to soften and exfoliate dead surface skin to reveal glowing, fresh-looking skin underneath.  
Size: 8.0 oz

Ingredients: Pure Cane White Sugar, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Emulsifying Wax (Plant based), Fragrance Oil, Steric Acid (Vegetable derived), Candelilia Wax, Formaldehyde & Paraben Free Preservative, Mica, Love

Disclaimer: NOT MEANT FOR CONSUMPTION. please test on skin for possible allergic reaction. Not suitable for children. If using in the shower or bath, please be cautious of potential slippery surface.

Scent Profile: Fragrance Oil

Color: Green

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