TikTok has me piping cupcakes!

TikTok has me piping cupcakes!

My daughter convinced to get on TikTok lol.  What I like so far about the app is the ability to showcase fun talent in less than a minute. I get to edit my videos really fast! Thanks TikTok!

Making these Bridal soap cupcakes were so much fun and definitely uniquely beautiful. These colors were stunning and the cupcakes came out amazing. Watch me pipe 96 cupcakes! Well, watch me pipe 48 cupcakes really, really fast since it’s on TikTok!

Click video here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeKWEvxy/



#Bridal #Vegan #Soap #Cupcakes The next set is coming soon ?! #soapmaking #handmade #michigan #michiganders #troymichigan

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