About Us

Green Olive Soaps

Hi!  I’m Camilla and I love making safe, wholesome skin care for all members of my family and yours.  I’m a Manufacture Systems Engineer who started making soap and whipped body butter to address my son’s eczema when he just a baby.  I utilize my experience in Quality & Production Control in conjunction with my Masters of Science in Operations Management to run an efficient soap shop with a focus on high product quality. 

Green Olive Soaps is environmentally and socially conscious. We are “Women Owned” and PETA certified as “Cruelty Free”.  98+% of our products are Vegan and 100% are Cruelty Free. Come see us at 3964 Rochester Road, Troy, MI 48083 and contact us at

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I never test on animals, only my family and friends :-). Both of my children suffered from eczema and I had difficulty finding soaps that catered to their skin issues. My son’s skin is very sensitive and dry so he uses Oatmeal, Milk (Coconut), & Honey Unscented, 100% Coconut, 100% Coconut Honey, and 100% Coconut Oatmeal bars. I use Unscented Whipped Shea Butter to moisturize his face and skin. I created the bars
with honey to gently cleanse my son’s skin while attracting moisture with the use of honey. My daughter’s eczema flares on her face so she uses 100% Coconut or 100% Coconut Oatmeal to cleanse her face. Her favorite overall use soaps are Rosemary Spearmint bar, Love Me Cupcake, and Oatmeal, Milk (Coconut), & Honey bar.

What we stand for?

Green Olive Soaps is environmentally and socially conscious. Our soap packaging is recyclable and any purchased packing peanuts are biodegradable (dissolve under running water). We purchase our oils and butters under Fair Trade standards and all our products are cruelty-free.

Green Olive Soaps is passionate in our fight against poverty in the United States.  We are committed in supporting food pantries whom provide meals to the hungry and we will continue the fight to end hunger in our country.